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Fanatics Rewards

True to our name, we are passionate loyal fans- we’ve cried with the biggest upsets, and cheered with the greatest triumphs. That’s why we love providing our members with chances to make epic memories of their own and to earn Fancash savings every time they shop.


Shop. Save. Repeat. FanCash is a merchandise credit that automatically applies as a discount on your next eligible puchase.

Exclusive Member-Only Offers

Get access to deals and steals set aside just for members - Door busters, autographed gear, and much more.

Early Access to Sales and Collections

Members shop first. Get premiere access to markdowns, shipping offers, and special discounts like a champ.

Ultimate Fan Experiences at Live Events

Go courtside. Throw the first pitch. Attend the ESPYs. You're now one step closer to the players and teams you love with our once-in-a-lifetime fan experiences.