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FanCash+ FAQ

FanCash+ Basics

What is FanCash+?

  • FanCash+ is an online, one-stop shopping experience where customers can receive FanCash when they purchase products from over 1200 online stores.
  • You can access the site by registering/logging on via your account at When you click any online store's listing, you'll be directed to the brand website, where you can complete your purchase.

2.     Who is eligible for FanCash+ rewards and benefits?

  • Anyone with a registered account is eligible to shop and earn FanCash through FanCash+.

3.     Why should I shop online through FanCash+?

  • You simply start shopping on FanCash+ for things you normally buy and everything else is the same.
  • With FanCash+, you can:

o   Access over 1200 brands

o   Earn unlimited FanCash

o   Get ongoing specials and additional discounts

4.      Can I go directly to a brands website and still earn FanCash?

  • No. To receive credit for your online purchases, you must start at FanCash+ every time you shop, so we can properly award the FanCash you earned from eligible purchases.

5.     How does FanCash+ work with my existing Fanatics account?

  • FanCash+ enables you to earn additional FanCash just by shopping through our site. The FanCash earned through FanCash+ is automatically added to your Fanatics account so you can redeem for items on or any participating FanCash site, just like the FanCash you earn when shopping on

6.     When and where will the FanCash for my FanCash+ purchases be credited?

  • Your FanCash will first appear as ‘Pending’ in your ‘Transactions History’ on the ‘My Activities’ page on within 24 hours. It may take up to 15 days for you to see ‘Pending’ depending on the brands you shopped. After 45-75 days, FanCash status will change to ‘Credited’ and it is ready for use. For additional information, refer to the FanCash+ Terms and Conditions.

7.     What's the FanCash+ policy on FanCash expiration?

  • FanCash earned through FanCash+ will expire 12 months from the date it’s credited into your Fanatics account.

8.      Why is my reward reversed?

  • Reward reversals can happen for many reasons including:
  • If you return or cancel your purchase, the merchant will reverse the reward.
  • If you used promotional coupons or discounts that were not listed on the shopping site when making a purchase, the merchant could reverse an incorrectly issued reward once they audit the purchases.
  • If you alter your purchase when picking up an online order in the store, the merchant might consider the first order cancelled and the second order made in-store and not eligible for online rewards.
  • If you return your purchase to a store and exchange items, the new purchase is considered an in-store purchase and will not be eligible for rewards.
  • If items you purchased were not eligible for rewards, a merchant might reverse an incorrectly issued reward once they audit the purchases.

If your case is not listed above, please contact us and we will investigate for you.

How does FanCash+ work?

How do I earn FanCash+?

  • To earn FanCash+ when shopping online, start your shopping trip on Sign in, click or tap on a brand, and complete your purchase as normal. You’ll receive an email that you’ve earned FanCash usually within 24 hours, and the FanCash will be deposited into your account within 45-75 days.

2.     How is FanCash credited to my FanCash+ account?

  • When you start your online shopping trip through FanCash+, the brand recognizes you as a FanCash+ member, and automatically awards the FanCash.

3.     How can I get more information about specific brands and their offers, exclusions and other policies (e.g., purchases that will not earn FanCash)?

  • You can view each brand page by searching for the brand by name and read the disclaimer on the resulting page.

Shopping questions

How do I know how much FanCash I will receive from a purchase?

  • The brands information page has specific details about how much FanCash you can earn. You'll earn a different amount from each brand, depending on what you buy. FanCash+ does not guarantee a specific amount, and the amounts can change daily.
  •  After you complete a purchase, you'll receive a rewards summary email stating the amount of FanCash you've earned for each purchase. You can also check the ‘My Activity’ page on FanCash+ to see the transaction and FanCash earnings that will be deposited in 45-75 days.

2.     What does "Up to" mean on some brand offers?

  • Up to" refers to the maximum possible reward rate you can earn on your transaction. Reward rates vary by brands and category and are subject to change. Click on a brand to view current reward rates and note that brand exclusions and disclaimers will apply to your transaction. The brand will categorize your purchase and reward accordingly.

3.     I made a purchase outside of FanCash+. Can I still get FanCash for this purchase?

  • No. For your purchase to be eligible, you must start your online shopping at FanCash+. Purchases made without clicking through FanCash+ are not eligible to earn FanCash.

4.     Do brands participating in FanCash+ offer FanCash for everything I buy from them?

  • It varies. Some brands don't offer FanCash+ for all of their products and services, such as gift certificates or refurbished items. In addition, some manufacturers prevent brands from awarding FanCash on specific products.

5.      Can I use a coupon code from another site and still get FanCash?

  • Please check for coupons listed on each brand page on and click ‘Shop this offer’. Make sure the coupon code is applied at the checkout and you will earn FanCash on top of the savings you get from the coupon.

6.      Do I earn FanCash on shipping costs?

  • No. FanCash+ is calculated based on the amount paid for merchandise only, before shipping fees and taxes.

7.     Will I still receive FanCash if I pay through PayPal?

  • Yes. The order is tracked when you click from the to the participating brand site. As long as you complete your purchase before clicking away from the brand's website, your purchase will be eligible to earn FanCash regardless of the payment method.

8.     I'm dissatisfied with something I purchased through FanCash+. Who should I contact?

  • Contact the brand from which you made your purchase. Please note that FanCash+ and participating brands are separate entities and we cannot make any changes to your purchases, aside from FanCash earned.

Account questions

How do I redeem FanCash earned on FanCash+?

  • Once FanCash earned from FanCash+ purchases have been credited to your account (roughly 45-75 days after your purchase), you can redeem it at checkout on Fanatics or any participating FanCash site, along with any other FanCash you earned on Fanatics or participating sites. If you would like to redeem FanCash on participating sites other than, you must sign up with the same email address you used on

2.     When will the FanCash I've earned through FanCash+ appear in my Fanatics account?

  • All FanCash earned on FanCash+ is automatically transferred to your Fanatics account 45 - 75 days after your purchase.

3.     How will I know when my FanCash has been posted to my FanCash+ account?

  • On the day of purchase, you will receive a confirmation email stating the amount of FanCash you've earned for each purchase you’ve made that day. Your FanCash will also appear as ‘Pending’ in your ‘Transactions History’ on the ‘My activities’ page on the FanCash+ website. This process typically happens within 24 hours from the purchase but may take up to 15 days.

4.     What should I do if the FanCash earned through FanCash+ hasn't been posted to my FanCash+ account after 15 days?

  • Contact us with the following information you can get from the ‘My Activities’ page:

i.      *Order number

ii.      date of transaction

iii.      items ordered

iv.      brand name

v.      amount of your purchase (before taxes and shipping).

  • NOTE: Visit, click ‘My Activities’ at the top right-hand corner, check ‘Transactions History’. We can only research orders that were made within the past 180 days. Merchants will not address order inquiries that are older than 6 months or 180 days.

5.     What should I do if I've found a difference between the amount I was credited and what I thought I would receive?

·         Please refer to your FanCash confirmation email to verify the credit that should have posted. If you still do not see the correct FanCash amount appear as ‘Pending’ in your ‘Transactions History’ on the ‘My activities’ page on the FanCash+ website after 15 days from your purchase, contact us and we'll try to resolve the problem.

6.     If I return a purchase, what happens to the FanCash I've earned? Do I lose all FanCash+ when I return only part of an order?

·         Awarded FanCash earned with purchase is deducted if you return those purchases. If you return only part of the purchase, only FanCash+ for those items returned will be deducted.

Other frequently asked questions

I'm a storeowner and I want to get my site listed on FanCash+. How do I do that?

2.      Does Fanatics operate FanCash+?

  • Fanatics operates FanCash+ in partnership with Boon Rewards, Inc., a leading provider of Partner Powered Loyalty Programs.

3.     Why do I have to have JavaScript enabled in my browser to use FanCash+?

  • JavaScript is a programming language that helps us display interactive content on the site. You can be sure that our JavaScript code is safe. Please note FanCash+ will not function without it.