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Framing and Displaying Sports Memorabilia

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How to Frame your Sports MemorabiliaCollecting sports memorabilia can be a great hobby for avid fans, as well as a great investment. Once you purchase autographed sports memorabilia it's crucial to protect the items from damage that can lower their value. Framing your autographed jerseys or signed footballs not only helps protect the value of your pieces, but it's also an awesome way to display them! Whether you're decking out your man cave, office or every room of your house with autographed photographs and collectibles, we've got the quality framing advice you need to keep them in top form.

Each type of collectible will call for its own care and consideration when displaying them. Autographed items are best kept out of direct, bright light as to prevent the signature from fading. The best bet on framing signed items like baseballs and footballs is to buy a UV protective glass case. Keeping your items in a UV case will stop the sun's damaging rays from fading the ink and lowering the value of your items. Jerseys and paper collectibles like programs, cards and photographs can also fade and discolor after being exposed to light for a period of time, which is why keeping all of your valuable collectibles framed correctly is so crucial.

Most collectors do not recommend framing your collectibles on your own, as a lot can go wrong in the process that will damage the items. If you do decide to frame your own autographed memorabilia, keep these main tips in mind. Use archival backing paper that is acid-free so that it will not cause any damage. Be careful when selecting how you mount the memorabilia in the frame, as glues and other adhesives can compromise the items. Improperly framing items can lead to discoloration, tears, fading and even mold. Losing your prized possessions to preventable damage would be as devastating as your team losing a big game.

Framing JerseysSelecting a way to display your jerseys is easy when you check out our shadow box jersey cases. Our professional jersey cabinet shadow boxes are a winning and easy way to protect jerseys while displaying them for all your friends to envy. All of our jersey frames include a clear acrylic rod for easy hanging that won't compromise the quality of the jersey.

Getting your jersey professionally framed is another popular option amongst collectors, but can have disappointing results if you choose the wrong framer. Do your research before trusting someone with your valuable collectibles. Some craft stores that offer framing services may not be experienced at handling and properly preserving jerseys or other memorabilia. Make sure you select a professional that has experience with collectibles, especially collectible jerseys. The layout of the jersey within the frame is crucial; ask how the jerseys will be folded, if the sleeves will be visible, and if they'll be using an iron on it. Also ask how they will mount the jersey, as most collectors will not want pins, staples or adhesives used.

Display CasesFor items that aren't flat like footballs, helmets, jerseys, basketballs, bats, hockey pucks and baseballs, you'll want to keep them in a display case. The display cases available at Fanatics have a lift-off glass lid for easy access to the memorabilia and are made of high quality materials including mirrored interior, rich wood bases and protective glass or acrylic so you can really show off your items in style. Make sure the display case you chose has UV glass or acrylic to prevent fading. Pick a case that is the right dimensions for the sports memorabilia you'll keep in it, especially if you're planning to keep adding to your collection.

There are display cases for just about any type of sports memorabilia! NASCAR fans will go crazy for our Diecast Car Display Cases, while basketball fans can put their prized signed basketballs and even signed shoes on display. From autographed baseball cases to display cases for football helmets and every type of sports collectible in between, you'll find an acrylic case for them at Fanatics.

The most important thing to take away from all of this is that autographed memorabilia is obviously valuable, and needs to be treated that way. Make sure you keep your gear protected and away from harm so that it'll last as long as your devotion does.

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